Quiet Luxury Fuit: The Subtle Noise of Fashion

Welcome, dear reader, to the era of Quiet Luxury - a new wave of sustainable fashion that's sweeping the industry by storm. That , to me, is nothing less or nothing more that the old Minimalism rebranded. Let's break down this trend and let's make it sustainably. This is a trend that's a perfect mashup... Continue Reading →

“From Clogs to Chic: A Guide to Sustainable Fashion with Clogs”

YES, 2 years ago I incorporated Clogs in my wardrobe. I mean, Clogs have been around for centuries, but lately, they have made a major comeback in the fashion world. This time, however, the trend is not just about style but also about sustainability and ethical fashion. In this article, we will show you how... Continue Reading →

All You Need To Know About CPW (Cost Per Wear)

When I started my journey in this sustainably landscape I had no idea what people meant whenever they would use the expression "Cost per Wear" and why that meant so much when coming to sustainable pratices. COST PER WEAR (CPW) - or "cost in relation to how many times it (an item) has been worn"... Continue Reading →

Cochère Magazine Collaboration – Upcycling 101: A Story For Inspiration

It began the unusual way, sitting in an August sunset-lit kitchen when I was eight years old. My eyes avidly stole my mum’s almost-ritual movements and, even if she’s never been much of a sewer, it gave me the bug [...]Continue Reading...

Greenwashing & How To Identify It: When Fast Fashion Brands Get Sneaky

I AM TIRED OF GREENWASHING. I've been on the idea of giving birth to this post for a while but I wanted to make the best of it, so I studied,looked for data and read other blogs which shared info about this subject also known as GREEN SHEEN. It's time for me to write about... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of An Ex Shopaholic: When I Bought Clothes By Instinct.

When a Monday feels like a drowsy Sunday evening,one cannot help it but making an examination of conscience.Since 2 years or so,I have become more aware of the Environmental Cause and joined the sustainable movement, educating myself about this important and vast topic that led me to reconsider my consumer actions in a critic and... Continue Reading →

Ethical Shopping: DEPOP Black-Owned Online Shops You Need to Know to Support The Black Lives Matter Movement.

On the 25th of May George Floyd, a 46 years old black man, was killed in Minneapolis by  Derek Chauvin , a white policeman who knelt on his neck for 8 minutes while Geroge Floyd was lying on the ground with other cops on his back.This caused his death by asphyxiation.His last words were  I CAN'T... Continue Reading →

How To Wear White Booties: Girls, They Were Made For Catwalking.

I GOT WHITE BOOTIES FOR CHRISTMAS...As White as Snow As Sixties as Twiggy (I'll leave the rest of the line to the Gebrüder Grimm, bitte sehr) So, since I got them for christmas I basically wore them non-stop and I occasionally find myself looking at my optic white booties so fondly that Neil would get... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Presents Guide: 10 Sustainable and Bloody Fashionable Gifts

Today is the 14th of December 2019 which means that we are ONLY 11 days far from Christmas. 🤶 I know that's probably the most magical moment of the year for many of us but , on the other hand, it's also the most stressful time of the year.🚦 Presents are, alongside unavoidably long suppers... Continue Reading →

Travel Firenze: The Essential Guide for an ON-A-BUDGET Weekend in Florence

Today, It's been a week since I came back from Florence so I'd like to start this new travel series with a guide to Firenze. I spent days trying to figure out how this post should have been written but there is too much to say about this town, that's why this post is going... Continue Reading →

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